20 years ago we began our career as destination wedding photographers, specializing in refined & timeless imagery.  Our aesthetic vision has always focused on elegant moments, full of beautiful light, and true colors.

Over the past decade, it has been our privilege to document lovely couples and their unforgettable celebrations across South Africa, winning many international awards and being published in wedding blogs all over the world.

A few years ago, we opened a new chapter in our business and started helping other photographers to develop their business and outsource their editing processes. After a few years, this has become one of our favorite areas of development, and today we work with well-established wedding photographers around the globe, helping them achieve peace of mind even in the busiest working months and systematically grow their business so that they have time to enjoy every day and spend more time with their family and friends!

Our leading photo editor is an experienced photographer with 10+ years of portrait & wedding photography experience. We offer one-on-one Boutique Photo Editing Services for wedding photographers that value high quality and consistent edits. After you’ve beautifully captured your weddings, allow us to add the finishing touches to those beauties while you use that extra time to breathe more life into your brand & home. We will quickly return your photos finished with beautiful consistency in your own edit style!

If you’re looking for a more tailored and custom approaching to outsourcing your wedding photography editing please consider working with a private photo editor vs. a big box company! You will not only get a higher quality of outsourcing services, you’ll get a committed member of our team that will help contribute to the growth of your business & work.

Hiring a private photo editing company to outsource your wedding photography is a serious investment, but it doesn’t have to be scary! We completely understand how difficult it is to let go of some of that control that comes with photo editing. Trust us, as previous high-volume wedding photographers we’ve been where you are and we hear you. We started our editing business after seeing a huge need for high quality editors that have a background in full-time wedding photography. We personally understand how crucial it is that your photo editors maintain the same time & care that you would in your photo editing. With our one-on-one photo editing services, we invest our time into learning, maintaining, and improving (if desired) your own brand’s unique aesthetic and editing style.